GEO's Consultancy Clients include:
Who we work with

GEO's Consultancy Clients include:

SME's & Corporations, Aviation & Maritime Sector, Police & Military Academies, Security Companies, Embassies & Consulates, Diplomats & Governors, Executives & VIP's. At GEO client confidentiality is a key service point!

Quality Standards

GEO works in accordance with renowned international standards such as ISO, ISPS, IATA, ICAO & JIG.

Our Focus

GEO is an International Risk & Crisis Management Consultancy with a specialized operational wing.

How we Consult

Providing Quality Solutions for Global Businesses

Successfully delivering top services demands correct analysis and making the right decisions within a complex and constantly evolving business environment. Take your business to a higher level by implementing GEO's strategic solutions, sound tactics, and proven tools.

Providing Quality Solutions for Global Businesses

Project analysis

Accurate and in-depth analysis of clients' unique risks and specific situations is key to success.

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Providing Quality Solutions for Global Businesses

Project Implementation

Professional and human-focused implementation of the necessary procedures promotes success.

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Providing Quality Solutions for Global Businesses

Project Assessment

Independent desktop and practical on-site assessment of implementation ensures success.

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What we offer

Our Services

GEO's consultants operate independent from the internal demands of traditional firms and can, therefore, focus on what really matters: delivering lasting impact. Our consultants always commit wholeheartedly to delivering transformational change for our international client's.

Cyber Security

GEO provides Cyber-Security services to protect IT systems, networks and programs from digital attacks.

Security Consulting

GEO provides consulting services in the fields of Risk and Crisis Management and planning for international projects.

Seminars & Training

GEO provides training and seminars such as Cyber Security, ISO Management Systems, Aviation Security, Maritime Security, and Crisis Management.

ISO Standards

GEO provides internal audits, and implementation consulting for ISO 27001, 45001, 14001 and 9001.

White Hat Pen-Test

GEO provides Penetration testing or ethical hacking; where we test a computer system, network or a web application to find flaws that a hacker can exploit.

Risk Assessments

GEO provides risk assessments for overseas projects, including country and region-specific risk calculations and assessments.

Global Executive Outreach

Serving clients globally with our team of international consultants

GEO have experience from management of security projects in countries as diverse as Egypt, England, Denmark, Djibouti, Germany, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Lebanon, France, Macau, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Oman, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, Wales, and Yemen.

Our works

Latest Consulting Projects

Our consultants constantly delivers high-quality services by working on projects they are passionately engaged in, committing wholeheartedly to solutions.

Management System & JIG Compliance Success

GEO’ Aviation Security Manager & ISO Auditor completed the design, creation, and implementation of a complete Management System for a local Aviation Refuelling Company at Reykjavik International Airport, including: Quality Manual Training Manual HSSE Manual, and Into Plane Operations Manual GEO designed the Management Systems to incorporate the required elements from the JIG4 Standard (Joint […]

Safety Management System Success

GEO’s Aviation Security Manager & ISO Consultant designed, created and implemented an SMS (Safety Management System) for a local FBO (Fixed Based Operator) at Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airports. The SMS program included: Safety Management System Manual HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) Training Lecture Fire Awareness & Prevention Training Lecture First Aid & Trauma […]

Successful PenTest Project Completed

GEO’s Cyber Security consultants, complete a full Web-Application Penetration Test of a client’s online website. Our client, an oil & gas company in the EU, aware of the rise in cybercrimes such as ransomware and DDOS attacks wanted to test their web applications. Our White Hat pentest revealed several flaws related to SSL certificates, DDOS […]

News & Tips

Latest News

Our consultants opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on, committing wholeheartedly to delivering.

Penetration Testing Services & Vulnerability Assessment

GEO specializes in manual penetration testing (pentest) services for web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, servers, APIs, and external networks in compliance with ISO-27001, 12.6. Security vulnerabilities are a reality faced by the digital world at a rapid speed. Given this reality, white-hat penetration testing (also known as Pen-Testing) has become a critical method for […]

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Protect your business against Business Email Compromise!

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are on the rise, and for good reason. When successful, attackers easily walk away with staggering amounts of money. The global losses of US$ 26 billion reported by the FBI for up to July 2019 are only expected to grow. GEO is proud to announce that we are now recommending […]

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WordPress Web Application Firewalls

WAF or (Web Application Firewalls) are single scope firewalls. Their role on a network is to protect a website from malicious hacker attacks. WordPress in itself is considered very secure as long as WordPress security best practices are followed; such as regular updates and installation of security patches. Since WordPress currently powers about 35% off […]

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    Our management team consists of internationally experienced professionals with a passion for solving complex problems.

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