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Global Executive Outreach

Risk & Crisis Management Services

GEO successfully protected 128 vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden in 2009!

Somali Pirates have taken place both inside the Gulf of Aden and recently increasingly in the Indian Ocean along the east coast of Africa and north of the Seychelles. Attacks have occurred as far as 800 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia.

Attacks have increased in 2009 over 2008, regardless of the increased anti piracy mission by Naval warships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

GEO Security books & Manuals are finally released for the public. you can secure your copy of our books through Lulu.com.

GEO KSA Consultants have been introducing the services that GEO provide within the security field. Security consulting to big firms will begin early October 2010.

GEO directors Mr. Dan Sommer & Mr. Karl Demian have reached agreement into expending GEO services to the gulf region and open a new branch in KSA.

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