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إدارة خدمات المخاطر والأزمات

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, her excellency Maria Da Corceicao Nobre Cabral, has officially joined GEO as Director Business Development within the African region. We at Global Executive Outreach are honored to have her excellency on our Board. Her Excellency´s experience as Ambassador to the United Nations HQ brings international connections to GEO.

GEO´s successful marketing campaign within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has resulted in GEO being officially requested to submit proposals for major security management projects within the Banking, Oil & Aviation industry within the Kingdom.

GEO officially opened our newly founded branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud to formally establish our friendly business relationship with the Al-Hanouf Group & GEO´s New Chairman Dr. Mehaizea, who bring a life time of successful international business experience to GEO.

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