Risk & Crisis Management Services
Global Executive Outreach
Global Executive Outreach

إدارة خدمات المخاطر والأزمات

Global Executive Outreach

GEO is an International Risk & Crisis Management Consultancy with an operational wing that specializes in High Risk Security and Protection Training Services for licensed Companies & Government Agencies.

GEO was initially founded in 1999 by Mr. Sommer & Mr. Demian, as a High Risk Security Consultancy in Iceland. In 2008 Dan Sommer and Karl Demian started the UK branch, in 2009 GEO opened the Lebanon branch and in 2010 the Saudi Arabian branch. Dr. Al Mehaizea joined GEO as Chairman of the Board in May 2010.

Clients include:

  1. Private Security Companies

  2. Foreign Embassies

  3. Police & Military Academies

  4. Diplomats & Governors

  5. Executives

  6. Corporations & Maritime

  7. At GEO client confidentiality is a key service point

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